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Asset Distribution

Dividing Your Complex Marital Property The Right Way

After you are divorced, you could be going from two incomes to one. Especially if you are coming from a high asset household, the transition can be difficult. One thing that can help you land on your feet is to ensure you receive the share of the marital property to which you are entitled. The Law Office of Patrick A. McCall helps our Orange County, California, clients obtain a fair, accurate distribution of assets during divorce.

For couples that own significant assets, such as a business, retirement accounts or real property, asset distribution is more complicated than simply dividing these items in two. There could be issues with liquidity, as well as tax implications for one or both parties. In addition, there could be questions about whether property you or your spouse owned prior to the marriage has become marital property over the years, and should be subject to division.

How We Can Help

Our family law attorneys are experienced advocates for high-income clients. We will work toward creative solutions that get you the maximum value for your share of the marital property, in a way that is acceptable to you and your former spouse. We will also make sure that we have an accurate valuation of each asset, so that you know what you are entitled to.

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