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Father’s Rights

Why The Law Can Treat California Fathers Unfairly

The Law Office of Patrick A. McCall represents Orange County fathers in child custody matters California’s child custody and visitation laws require family law judges to put the children’s best interests first. Officially, the laws are gender-neutral. If one parent receives sole custody, it is supposed to be because living with that parent full-time is in the child’s best interests based on the evidence. Whether the parent is male or female is not supposed to be a factor.

In reality, many fathers find themselves at a distinct disadvantage at child custody hearings. No matter what the law says, it appears some judges tend to grant sole custody to mothers — even if doing so is not necessarily what is best for the children. This may be due to old-fashioned views about gender roles.

What We Do For Fathers

Attorney Patrick A. McCall supports fathers’ rights in California. Whether you are divorced from your co-parent or are a single father, our firm can help you protect your rights. As your lawyer, he will work with you to establish paternity and obtain parental rights if necessary. If you are seeking shared or sole child custody, he will help you negotiate with the mother or make the best possible case in court.

Defend Your Rights As A Father

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