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Domestic Violence

Legal Advice Related To Restraining Orders

In California, a person accused of domestic violence can find him- or herself subject to a restraining order. Domestic abuse is a serious issue. If you need to issue a restraining order against someone else, or a family member is trying to impose an order on you, The Law Office of Patrick A. McCall can provide you with experienced legal representation.

What A California Restraining Order Can Do

A restraining order places severe restrictions on the restrained person’s rights, with the purpose of preventing the person from continuing to abuse the protected person or group of people. For instance, a restraining order can:

  • Order the restrained person to move out from where the protected person(s) lives, at least until the court hearing;
  • Require the restrained person to stay a certain distance away from the protected person(s);
  • Prevent the restrained person from contacting the protected person(s); and
  • Take away the restrained person’s right to own a firearm.

In other words, a restraining order can restrict where a person can go, where he or she lives, what he or she owns and whether he or she can see his or her children.

How We Can Help

From our office in Orange County, California, attorney Patrick A. McCall represents clients involved in a restraining order. If you are the victim of domestic abuse, he can help you file for a restraining order and represent you at the court hearing to determine whether to make the order last for up to 3 years. We can provide vigorous representation if you have had an emergency restraining order imposed against you and must go to court to protect your rights.

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A restraining order is a serious matter, and every party involved needs a skilled family law attorney working for them. To speak to an experienced lawyer about your case, call The Law Office of Patrick A. McCall at 714-740-8400, or email us.